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Rock Fishtails Gear & Save Time Stamped Pets!

Not only do we make fun t-shirts and hoodies for animal lovers, we are dedicated to saving the lives of shelter animals with every purchase! Each sale allows our founder and veterinarian, Dr. Lauren Cohn, to pull animals from local shelters that would normally be deemed “unadoptable” due to extreme medical concerns, providing the animals with necessary medical treatments, safe and loving temporary foster care, and ultimately finding them their forever homes. Each purchase MATTERS and truly saves a life.

T-shirts: $20 (plus $3 shipping)
Hoodies: $35 (plus $3 shipping)
Totes: $15 (plus $3 shipping)
Tanks: $20 (plus $2 shipping)
Koozies: $3 (plus $2 shipping)
Pins: $1 (plus $0.50 shipping)

If you would like your item shipped please include the above shipping costs when making payment, otherwise you will be notified when your item is ready for pick-up at Fishtown Animal Hospital.




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